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Travel and Tropical Disease Clinic

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Traveling Abroad?

Whether it be a cross-country trip or a flight across the ocean to your favorite tropical paradise, you don't want to spend your travel time being sick. Protect your health by getting the vaccinations and medical advice you need when traveling.

The Travel and Tropical Disease Clinic at Ochsner provides a full range of services to patients before and after their international travels. 

We prescribe vaccinations that are patient and destination specific, including the popular destinations of: Africa, South/Central America, Parts of Europe and Asia. The travel clinic also treats patients who are sick while traveling to the United States. 

Travel Clinic Services Provided Include: 

  • Pre-travel consultation and administering of required vaccinations vaccinations (including the Yellow Fever Vaccine)
  • Health evaluation for returning expatriates or new immigrants to the United States
  • Treatment for any illnesses acquired during foreign or overseas travel
  • Diagnostic testing for travel related infections
  • Diagnosis and treatment for parasitic infections
  • Diagnosis and treatment for tropical diseases

Why Ochsner? 

Our expert team is specialized knowledge to care for travel-related illnesses. Dr. Obinna Nnedu is certified in travel medicine through the International Society of Travel Medicine and is also certified in tropical medicine through the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

We have all travel related vaccines licensed in the U.S.A., including the yellow fever vaccine.

We have capacity to appropriately diagnose travel related illnesses.

We provide individualized evaluation and counseling.

Scheduling An Appointment 

To schedule an appointment, call 504-842-4005.

No referral is needed. 

It is highly recommended to make your appointment four weeks before traveling. 

The Travel Clinic generally schedules appointments weekly on the first half of the day on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The Travel Clinic is located within the infectious disease department at Ochsner Medical Center on Jefferson Highway. 

For Referring Physicians

Referring physicans, please call 504-842-4005 to schedule your patient's appointment.