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Speech & Language Pathology

Our Speech-Language Pathologists are licensed by the state of Louisiana and certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. They each are specially trained to provide diagnosis and treatment of communicative and oral and pharyngeal swallowing disorders. Our staff has a long-standing commitment and reputation for quality care which has resulted in local, regional and national recognition.

Ochsner Clinic Foundation is dedicated to providing diagnostic and therapeutic speech-language pathology services to infants, children and adults. Our facility staffs only American Speech-Language-Hearing Association certified speech-language pathologists committed to providing the highest standards of service.

Speech-language pathologists (also known as speech therapists or speech pathologists) are professionals who have earned masters or doctoral degrees and who specialize in assessment and treatment of problems affecting communication as well as feeding and swallowing. Patients may be referred by a physician or may self-refer.

Disorders Evaluated and Treated

Speech-language pathologists treat individuals who have communication or swallowing disorders. A communication disorder involves the inability to understand and/or appropriately use the speech and language common to our society. Swallowing disorders involve the same structures used for speech. These disorders may occur from birth or may be acquired as a result of an accident, illness or injury.

Recognizing which disorders the speech-language pathologist treats begins with understanding several common types. The following descriptions are provided to help you better understand the different types of disorders:

  • Articulation - Incorrect pronunciation of speech sounds. Impaired control of the oral mechanism may be involved.
  • Language - Poor comprehension and/or communication of thoughts, feelings and experiences
  • Voice - Changes in quality, volume and pitch of the voice. This can result from a physical problem.
  • Stuttering - Interruption of the normal flow of speech
  • Cognitive Communication Disorders - Involves decreased attention, concentration, orientation, memory, problem-solving and reasoning
  • Swallowing Disorders - Impaired ability to functionally and safely chew and swallow liquids and food. Speech-language pathologists work with patients who have swallowing disorders that affect the mouth, throat and upper esophagus.

Services Available At Ochsner

At Ochsner, all of our services demonstrate how we maintain the highest standards in meeting each individual's needs. Services are personalized for each patient to best fit the patient's needs and goals for recovery or improvement of their communicative disorder. Evaluation and therapy services are provided for children and adults in the clinic, acute hospital and rehabilitation settings. Specialized diagnostic and therapeutic technology and strategies include:

  • Videostrobolaryngoscopy (VSL)
  • Visi-pitch
  • Nasometer
  • Videofluoroscopy of swallowing
  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation for swallowing
  • Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT)

Support Group

The Ochsner Adult Communicative Disorders Support Group meets every monthly to provide a comfortable setting for discussion and sharing common problems and solutions. It often meets needs beyond individual therapy.

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