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The Ochsner Vision Center offers stylish and competitvely priced eyewear, online contact lens ordering and with six convenient locations, you'll see clearer with our personalized care.

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Retina and Vitreous Surgery

Ochsner's Retina and Vitreous Section provides treatment for eye problems caused by chronic disease processes, such as diabetes mellitus and macular degeneration. Treatment is provided for problems such as leaking blood vessels, to keep them from worsening and prevent vision loss.

Other treatments include repair of retinal detachment, which can be caused by aging or by problems associated with injury, such as macular holes, breaks or tears. Early diagnosis and treatment can protect against vision loss and even blindness. Retina Surgery is generally performed for eye problems caused by disease processes. Surgery is performed to repair these and to protect the patient against vision loss and blindness, which can result from any of these problems.