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Ochsner podiatrists specialize in the diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of foot disorders. Podiatric physicians treat foot pathology experienced by people of all ages. Some of the treatment modalities used by Ochsner podiatrists include bracing for children’s foot deformities, wound care for diabetic ulcers, foot ortheses for problems related to poor biomechanics and surgery for deformities and tumors of the foot.

Ochsner Offers a Range of Treatment Options for Patients with Persistent Ankle Pain

Chronic ankle pain is a common complaint that is oftentimes overlooked.  However, thousands suffer from ankle pain related to prior injuries or even arthritis.  This pain can limit mobility. The most common cause of ankle pain is arthritis, which can present with the following symptoms in the joint:

  • Pain or tenderness
  • Stiffness/limited range of motion
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty walking

Ochsner offers a range of treatment options from conservative to surgical, including minimally invasive surgical options, to help alleviate the pain. Such options might include ankle joint arthroscopy or arthrodesis.

Ankle joint arthroscopy is often used in the early stages of arthritis flare ups. An arthroscopy is performed by using tiny instruments and cameras to inspect the ankle joint for damage or inflammation. If damage or inflammation is found it is removed and the joint surface is cleaned.

Arthrodesis, also known as “joint fusion”, is a surgical procedure in which the bones of the ankle joint are connected into one continuous bone. The procedure results in more stability and is traditionally very successful in relieving pain. This procedure is commonly done for those patients whose pain has not been relieved by other measures or procedures.