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Orthopedic Oncology (Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors)

When you, your child or someone you love is diagnosed with bone or soft tissue tumor, you summon up all the strength you have and start learning all you can. You find one of the top orthopedic oncology centers in the Gulf South – a team that can offer unparalleled expertise, advanced equipment and techniques, and clinical trials. And, then, you start fighting.

Why Ochsner for Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Treatment?

At Ochsner, we evaluate approximately 300 patients with bone cancer and benign tumors every year. Our team is led by one of the region’s most talented and experienced orthopedic oncology surgeons. Together with dedicated oncologists, radiologists, oncology nurses, physical therapists and oncology social workers, we offer a coordinated approach to the treatment of musculoskeletal and bone tumors in adults, teens and children.

  • We have the expertise required to diagnose and treat even the most complex and rarest forms of the disease.
  • We offer the latest diagnostic imaging technology and the most advanced surgical and limb-sparing techniques available. 
  • Our outpatient rehabilitation program makes it as convenient as possible for patients to return to their desired activity level.


  • Our program is nationally-recognized as High Performing for Knee Replacement and Orthopedics by U.S. News & World Report in 2017-2018.
  • Ochsner received the Healthgrades Orthopedic Surgery Excellence Award™ in 2018. We also were recognized as one of Healthgrades America's 100 Best Hospitals for Joint Replacement™ and received five stars for total knee replacement, total hip replacement and hip fracture treatment in 2018.

Conditions We Treat

The team at Ochsner treats a range of bone cancers and tumors including:

  • Multiple Myeloma/Plasmacytoma – Multiple myeloma is the most common primary bone cancer.  This cancer generally develops in older adults and tends to involve the entire skeleton. When only one lesion is found it is called a plasmacytoma.
  • Chondrosarcoma ­– A cancerous tumor made up of cartilage-producing cells that develops in the legs, pelvis or arms of adults. It is the second most common primary malignancy of bone, and one of the most difficult bone tumors to diagnose and treat.
  • Osteosarcoma – An aggressive, malignancy that occurs most often in the leg and arm bones of children and young adults.
  • Ewing's Sarcoma – A rare disease in which cancer cells are found in the bone or soft tissue. It is most commonly seen in the legs, pelvis or arms of children and young adults.
  • Chondromyxiod Fibroma – A rare, slow-growing, benign bone tumor.
  • Enchondroma – A noncancerous bone tumor that begins in cartilage.
  • Extra-Abdominal Desmoid Tumors – Deep-seated, benign tumors that can become large and grow into surrounding muscle, tendons, joints and bone.
  • Fibrous Dysplasia – A chronic condition where scar-like tissue grows in place of normal bone.
  • Giant Cell Tumor of Bone – A rare, aggressive non-cancerous tumor that typically occurs in young to middle-aged adults near a joint at the end of the bone.
  • Metastatic Bone Disease Cancer – Cancer that begins in an organ and then spreads to the bone.
  • Nonossifying Fibroma –The most common benign bone cancer in children. They most commonly occur in the femur and tibia.
  • Osteochondroma – These common, noncancerous tumors develop during childhood or adolescence.
  • Osteoid Osteoma – A benign bone tumor that usually develops in the long bones of the body such as the thighbone and shinbone.
  • Paget’s Disease of Bone – A chronic bone disorder that causes bones to become enlarged and deformed.
  • Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis – A joint disease that causes inflammation and overgrowth of the joint lining.
  • Soft Tissue Sarcomas – A form of cancer that begins in the body’s soft tissues, such as the lining of joints, tendons, muscle, fat, blood vessels and nerves.
  • Synovial Chondromatosis – A rare, benign condition that involves the thin layer of tissue that lines joints.
  • Unicameral (Simple) Bone Cyst – Also known as a simple bone cyst, this a fluid-filled cavity in the bone, lined by compressed fibrous tissue. It is usually found in the long bones of children.

Support Services

Ochsner offers a variety of services for cancer patients, their families and their caregivers. We believe in treating the whole person and provide nutrition and emotional support, both on an individual basis and through support groups. 

Clinical Trials

The Ochsner Cancer Institute is able to enroll patients in the most recent clinical trials, giving you access to new treatment options.

View Cancer Clinical Trials

Referring Physicians

Patient referrals, transfers and consults are critically important. 

We make it easy for you.  To obtain copies of patient records, schedule clinic appointments, and to share your preference for receiving post visit follow-up from your patient's appointment, call the Clinic Concierge, our dedicated physician referral line, at 504-842-7436 or 1-855-312-4190.