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Therapy & Wellness

Our certified therapists help improve your quality of life by increasing strength and function, reducing pain and restoring normal movement, to help you stay in motion and feeling great.

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Occupational Therapy

When disease, illness or injury makes it difficult to perform everyday tasks and activities, Ochsner Occupational Therapists (OTs) can help. Whether your setback is physical or mental, our team has the experience, the equipment and the resolve to help you get your life back.

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Who benefits from OT?

The young man who suffers a fall at a construction site. The grandmother who has a stroke. The 60-year-old with Parkinson’s Disease. The child who burns her hand. OT patients come in all ages, from all health backgrounds. They find the tools and the determination they need to succeed at Ochsner.

We work with our patients on:

  • Self-care skills such as dressing, feeding, personal hygiene, cooking and homecare
  • Return to work or leisure skills
  • Writing and computer use
  • Eye/hand coordination
  • Object manipulation
  • Visual and perceptual skills remediation
  • Adapting the home and/or work environment for safety and independence

Specialty Occupational Therapy Programs

  • The LSVTTM Big and Loud Program for individuals with Parkinson’s
    • Ochsner is home to LSVTTM-certified occupational therapists who use an innovative and clinically proven program to improve function and slow motor deterioration in people with Parkinson’s. Learn more about the Big and Loud program.
  • Hand Therapy
    • Ochsner’s Certified Hand Therapists are skilled in the rehabilitation of the hand and arm to prevent dysfunction, restore function or reverse pathology. This type of therapy can make a big difference if you suffer with arthritis, burns, inflammatory disorders or another ailment of the hand and arm.
  • Driving Evaluations 
    • If your illness or injury has made you wonder if you are safe behind the wheel, our OT team can help you make a determination. At Ochsner, driving evaluations are routine for patients who have experienced decreased strength, range of motion or endurance, limb loss, impaired cognitive skills, or slower reflexes.