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Maternity & Pregnancy


You are beginning one of the most exciting adventures in life. Take a deep breath and let Ochsner help you prepare for the joy of bringing a new life into the world.

Whether you prefer a traditional hospital birth, an alternative or traditional birth at a Family Birthing Center or a water birth, we hope you choose Ochsner for the birth of your baby. Our unique system of integrated services and regional health centers offers comprehensive healthcare just right for today's family.

Ochsner features advanced technology in obstetrics and baby care in a comfortable environment. Talk to your physician or healthcare provider to learn which services are available to you at the facility where you choose to have your baby.

Prenatal/Childbirth Classes

At Ochsner, we offer a variety of classes that will prepare you for the birth of your baby, including:

  • Prenatal class. When you sign up for this class, our specialists will teach you about general prenatal health, labor anesthesia, delivery options, and mom and baby post-delivery care. Following this class, you can even take a tour of our high-end labor and delivery unit.
  • Breastfeeding class. In this class, you will learn about the basics of breastfeeding, including positioning, latch on, early feeding and milk production. It also addresses any concerns about hormones, breast anatomy and breast pumps.
  • Lamaze class. This class costs, but it is well worth it. You will learn all about proven practices to ensure healthy, positive outcomes for both you and your baby. Taught by our certified Lamaze instructor, this class is taught in four sessions.

Click here for class schedules.

What to Expect

The First Trimester (weeks 1-12)

Your baby experiences several growth spurts during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, when he or she develops relatively quickly. It is important for you to take care of yourself and your baby especially at this time. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol, and limit the caffeine you drink in coffee and soft drinks. Also remember that it is important to consistently take your prenatal vitamins.

Talk openly and frankly with your obstetrician. Whether you're looking for a way to stop sneezing, soothe a nagging headache or take a vacation, the best advice is to check with your doctor before taking any medication or making a change in your routine. Of course, under no circumstances should you smoke or consume alcohol while pregnant.

The Second Trimester (weeks 13-27)

The second phase of your pregnancy is marked by changes for both you and your baby. Just as you are showing your baby bump more each day, your baby is growing and gaining weight as well. During this time, most mothers first sense their baby’s movement.

The Third Trimester (weeks 28-40)

Growing, growing, growing. Yes, you’re getting bigger but so is your baby. In the last trimester, your baby is maturing and looking more like a person, as he or she gets closer to entering the world.

Newborn Care

At Ochsner, experienced nurses examine all newborns within the first few minutes after birth. Heart rate, muscle tone, breathing, reflexes and overall color are evaluated and given an APGAR score as baby's baseline health assessment. A pediatrician is available 24 hours a day if further assessment and treatment are necessary. Your pediatrician or an Ochsner pediatric hospitalist will thoroughly examine your baby within 24 hours of birth.

Specialized Care 

If your pregnancy is deemed "high risk," your Ochsner obstetrician may rely on recognized high-risk pregnancy specialists and other medical specialists to consult in your care. At Ochsner, you can be sure that every aspect of your and your baby's condition will be fully evaluated, treated and monitored throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery. Ochsner's acclaimed Neonatal Intensive Care Units are also available to care for your baby's medical needs.

In most cases, with proper monitoring, frequent checkups and by paying attention to your doctor's advice, a high-risk pregnancy will lead to a successful delivery and a healthy baby.