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Hospital Medicine

Delivering coordinated, personalized care around the clock.

What is an Ochsner hospitalist?

Ochsner hospitalists are board certified or board eligible physicians who supervise a patient’s care when they are admitted to an Ochsner Health System facility. Hospitalists are highly skilled in diagnosing and managing a wide range of common acute medical conditions. They generally have backgrounds in internal or family medicine, but do not maintain private practices. Their time is devoted completely to caring for hospitalized patients.

Once patients are admitted into an Ochsner Health System inpatient facility, a hospitalist team will manage their personal care and coordinate all activities and communications about their progress during their hospital stay. The hospitalist team works closely together, sharing information about a patient’s condition with their physicians and other specialists and adjusts treatments based on test results. Ochsner’s hospitalists are committed to creating a caring and positive hospital experience for patients and their families.

Ochsner hospitalists also receive patients admitted through our emergency rooms, outpatient clinics and other hospitals. This ensures that patients without a primary care physician receive the same level of quality and compassionate care from admittance to discharge, without delay or inconvenience.

What are the benefits of Ochsner hospitalists?

Ochsner hospitalists benefit both patients and their primary care physicians. They are the main source of information on a patient’s current condition at any time and provide the patient, their family and their physicians with regular updates.

  • Closer supervision, around-the-clock care – Hospitalists supervise over all inpatient care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows primary care physicians or other specialists freedom to meet other demands of their practices and know their patients are being well cared for.
  • More efficient care for a rapid recovery – Besides their specialized expertise with acute hospital care, Ochsner hospitalists have in-depth experience with the internal processes and procedures of Ochsner Health System.
  • Ensure coordination of care – With Ochsner’s Electronic Medical Record System, our hospitalist teams have instant access to a patient’s complete medical history. This enables them to carefully manage and coordinate ongoing care and ensures a seamless sharing of medical information.

What a patient can expect during a hospital stay at Ochsner?

  • Daily visits and evaluations by the different members of an Ochsner hospitalist team and regular and timely reviews of tests, procedures and results
  • Meetings and discussions among the hospitalist team, primary care physicians and other medical specialists concerning a patient’s care
  • Updates from the hospitalist team to the patient and their family members about the patient’s condition, test results and the direction of treatment and care
  • Regular communication with the patient from nurses and hospital staff

Does a patient’s relationship with the hospitalist team end when they’re discharged?

  • Communications between the hospitalist team and a patient’s primary care physician will continue even after the patient is discharged from an Ochsner Health System facility
  • The Ochsner hospitalist team will coordinate all information and prescriptions from a patient’s hospital stay with their physician through our Electronic Medical Record System
  • After discharge, the hospitalist team will provide follow-up recommendations to the patient’s primary care team