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During an endoscopy, the doctor can look at areas inside the body through a thin, lighted tube. Endoscopy allows the doctor to see what’s going on inside the body, take pictures and even remove tissue or cells for examination, if necessary. Ochsner physicians have the technology to view the intestinal, respiratory and urinary tracts. In fact, Ochsner helped pioneer the endoscopic diagnosis and management of colorectal disease. Each year more than 18,000 endoscopic procedures such as colonoscopy, intraluminal ultrasound and ileoscopy are performed in our Endoscopy Centers.

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Endoscopic detection and removal of colonic polyps not only prevents colorectal cancer but it also allows for the treatment of a variety of other intestinal disorders. Intestinal obstruction can be managed with intraluminal dilation, laser ablation or stenting. Endoscopy of the GI tract (esophagus, stomach, intestine and biliary tract) allows diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Our physicians are experienced at managing many challenging conditions using state of the art equipment. One of the most exciting developments in lumenal imaging technology is the M2A video capsule, which Ochsner utilizes. This tiny camera can travel through the entire digestive tract, providing continuous images of the esophagus, stomach and small intestine. The small intestine is a region that is difficult to visualize with standard endoscopic procedures.

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