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Diagnostic Imaging

The Ochsner Radiology Department is involved in three important activities relevant to cancer: screening, diagnosis, confirmation and treatment of cancer. Screening services evaluate individuals who are at risk for a particular type of cancer (for example, women receive mammography to detect early breast cancer). Diagnostic services include mammography, conventional x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT scans and many other tests. Ochsner physicians are leading the field regionally and nationally in the use of stereotactic core biopsy, an innovative technique for determining whether or not a breast lesion is cancerous. For more information on breast cancer, visit the Lieselotte Tansey Breast Center at Ochsner. In the confirmation and treatment of cancer patients, members of the Radiology Department are instrumental. Sophisticated diagnostic studies can be conducted to look for metastases, for example the spread of colon cancer to other organs such as the liver. Ultrasound can be used intra-operatively to identify lesions that must be removed. Radiologists are also essential in follow-up, to monitor the cancer patient's response to treatment.

For more information on Ochsner's diagnostic services please visit the Radiology Department.

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