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A cancer survivor is someone who is living with, through, and beyond cancer. Under this definition, cancer survivorship begins at diagnosis. Survivors also include people who continue to receive treatments—to either reduce the risk of recurrence or to manage side effects related to their treatment.

The Ochsner Survivorship Clinic staff strives to address the unique healthcare needs of each cancer survivor, to maximize his/her quality of life, and to help each survivor live well beyond cancer.

At your first Survivorship Clinic visit, you will meet with Survivorship Physician Assistant Jill Fitzpatrick who will conduct a thorough review of your past medical history. You will receive a written treatment summary and long-term follow-up care plan assessing you for recurrence, secondary cancers, and late effects of treatment. Your future care plan will focus on quality of life. Follow-up clinic visits with the Survivorship Clinic staff and your oncologist will be scheduled as needed. The clinic staff also coordinates services between Oncology and Primary Care to ensure continuity of care.

During your first appointment at the Survivorship Clinic, you will also have the opportunity to meet with an oncology social worker and/or psychologist who will assess the psychosocial and support services that may be helpful to you. These professionals can provide counseling on psychological, social, and financial issues related to a cancer diagnosis.

More Information/Appointments

Please contact us at 504-842-3910 to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you can email questions or appointment requests to

The Survivorship Clinic is open to all adult patients, regardless of where or when they received treatment. If you did not receive your care at Ochsner, please bring your medical records with you to the first appointment. Patients who have a history of cancer, patients not on active treatment, and patients who do not have active disease are also invited to schedule an appointment at the Survivorship Clinic.

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